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Beirut, Lebanon, 1980                                                                                                 (c) Private

Beirut/Lebanon, 2009                                                    (c) Jens Schwarz

I am a passionate biker.

I bought in 1979 in Beirut a Honda CB750 Four K6. I drove it till May 1981 and then sold it to a friend, Samir, and went to university in Germany.

27 years later, in Beirut in February 2008, I bumped into Samir who surprised me by saying that he had driven it in 1981 only for a short while, then stored it in the humid garage of his grand-mother in Beirut in the summer of 1981 - before also leaving to Germany. I bought it back at once! But the CB750 was in February 2008 in a really bad shape.

It took me and an excellent mechanic in Beirut, Jamal Kahwaji, eight months to get all the needed spare parts and then to resurrect the bike. The CB750 was then on the road again.

In December 2010 I moved to the Netherlands, and this time I shiped it with me. Never again will I sell it. In early 2012 the team of Lex van Dijk at GILEX Motorcycles in Amsterdam replaced numerous parts, a year later the same team overhauled engine and carburators. The CB750 K6 since then rolls and rolls and looks just perfectly. At least for me.

If you love classic motorcycles, then check this photo documentation about the resurrection of my Honda CB750 K6. Look at these pictures of how the bike was when I got it back in 2008.

Fanatic biker and journalist Jochen Vorfelder wrote a report (in GERMAN) about 
his Lebanon bike trip with Stefan Schurig and me in 2009. It was published in the magazine Motorrad News 4/2010.

Michael Friedrich, another journalist but no bike freak, wrote an in-depth article (in GERMAN) 
about life in Beirut
, including a photo of the bike. It was published in GEO Saison in July 2011.

"MO Magazin" in Germany published in September 2012 a report about the story of the Honda CB750 K6.

And Philipp Woldin from the German weekly Welt am Sonntag pulished in September 2018 an article (in GERMAN) about my work as Offier Citizen Participation at the Central Koordination Unit for Refugees in Hamburg. The bike plays a serious role in my day-to-day activities. See "Yalla Bürgerbeteiligung".