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Refugee integration in Hamburg/Germany

Zentraler Koordinationsstab Flüchtlinge (ZKF), Stadt Hamburg / Central Coordination Unit Refugees, City of Hamburg.
_ Add me "on Facebook to learm more about refugee integration in the city of Hamburg/Germany.

Human rights and democracy

_ Die Offene Gesellschaft, Berlin
_ Vote Match tool to help Tunisians decide to whom to vote for at the elections for a Constitutional Assembly on 23 October 2011 and at elections on 31 August 2014.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Arab Human Rights Fund, Beirut, Lebanon
Arab Foundation Forum, Amman/Jordan
_ Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network, Copenhagen, Denmark
Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Foundation, Copenhagen, Denmark
Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), French
Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch

Communications and Campaigning

Bernstorff Campaigning: Andreas Graf von Bernstorff. Campaigning, training and coaching. Heidelberg/Germany
Berger und Berger: Horst und Annette Berger. "Propaganda und Reklame", Hamburg/Germany
_ Stephanie Bothor, Artist, Berlin/Germany
Holde Schneider Photography: Portrait, sport and adventure photography, Hamburg/Germany
Jens Schwarz: Photography. Munich, Germany
The Varda Group: Remie Parmentier, Kelly Riggs, Elaine Lawrence, Clifton Curtis and Alex Garcia Whylie. Project management, strategic analysis, project evaluation, etc. Spain, UK, US and the Netherlands
Sustainable Media: Jochen Vorfelder. Journalism, web and communications design. Hamburg/Germany
Environmental Protection

_ Huffington Post articles of activist Kelly Rigg on climate change issues
Friends of the Earth Europe, Brussels, Belgium
Global Campaign for Climate Action, (GCCA), Montreal, Canada.
Global Footprint Network, Oakland, USA
Greenpeace International, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Greenpeace Germany, Hamburg, Germany
Green Line, Beirut, Lebanon
IndyAct, the League of Independent Activists, Beirut, Lebanon
Save Our Seeds, Berlin, Germany


_ The photo documentation of my Honda CB750 Four K6
_ Article with great pictures by Jochen Vorfelder (in GERMAN) about his motorcycle tour with me and Stefan in Lebanon, Motorrad News, March 2010
_ Honda CB 750 K0, Discovery Channel, "Greatest motorcycles ever", on YouTube
Jochen Vorfelder's Blog (in GERMAN) with articles about new bikes and the situation of motorcycle firms
_ Check the restoration of two German-made Heinkel motorcycles (a 102A1 from the 1950s and a 103A2 from the 1960s) by Wolfgang Mortz (in GERMAN).