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 Logo Naame Shaam, in Farsi, meaning "Letter from Syria".

Naame Shaam  

The campaign group Naame Shaam in May 2016 stopped all its activities after three years of exposing and campaigning against the role of the Iranian regime and its proxy militias in Syria.

Together with Iranian and Syrian activists, I launched the campaign in February 2014 from Europe. The funding came from personal friends of mine.

Our group helped change the narrative around what the Iranian regime and its Shia militias like the Lebanese Hezbollah have been doing in Syria.

Many Syrian opposition groups and Western decision makers adopted the campaign’s narrative and demands.

However, the campaign did not manage to convince Western powers, particularly the US administration during the last years of the Barack Obama presidency, to act decisively to end the bloodshed in Syria and stop the disintegration of the Middle East.

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