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The wall
 dividing Jerusalem.


Interview (In GERMAN) with greentime, a magazine produced by Greenpeace Germany, February 2016: "Why are so many people fleeing (from the Middle East)/Warum sind so viele auf der Flucht?"


Opinion editorials

Co-written with Shiar Youssef on the struggle against the occupation of Syria by Iran, Hezbollah Lebanon and Russia:
_ "Documenting sectarian cleansing in Syria". The Daily Star, Beirut, 20.5.2015.
 _ "Iran as an Occupying Force in Syria", the Middle East Institute, Washington DC, 17.12.2014.

_ Part one of Syria Direct’s interview: "Iran is occupying Syria, Assad doesn’t matter".
_ Part two of "Syria Direct’s" interview: "US policy in Syria is all about systemically bleeding Iran & Hezbollah".
_ In the Beirut-based, French-language L’Orient-Le Jour about the Naame Shaam report “Iran in Syria - From an Ally of the Regime to an Occupying Force", 1.12.2014 (in FRENCH). Original HERE.
_ "Bearing the High Costs of Iran's Multifaceted Ambitions", published in Shia Watch, 26.1.2015.

Presentations/Speeches (incl. videos):
_ Presenting the Naame Shaam report “Iran in Syria - From an Ally of the Regime to an Occupying Force" at the Middle East Institute in Washington DC,14.11.2014.
_ Presenting the Naame Shaam report “Financing Terror – The Economic Impact of Iran’s Nuclear Programme and its Support to Paramilitary Groups across the Middle East“ at the Middle East Institute, Washington DC, 7.12.2015. The full video is HERE.
_ "How to end the war in Syria", speech at the EU Parliament, 18.11.201. The full video is HERE, and a short video interview is HERE.

"Assad Reformer Myth Finally Dead"  (LONG VERSION in ENGLISH). This paper includes 9 sections:
_ Myth and reality
_ Asma Assad
_ Abusing Syria and Syrians
_ Crimes in Lebanon
_ Crimes against the Palestinian Cause
_ The Syrian intifada
_ Intifada humor
_ The end
Published in my blog on 20.1.2012, updated 7.3.2012 

Syriens Praesident Assad vor dem Ende“. Article (in GERMAN), published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on 12 Feb 2012. „Präsident Baschar al Assad zeigt durch seine Gewaltpolitik, dass nur sein Sturz zur Stabilität im Land und in der Region führen kann. Das Ende des Baath-Regimes ist unvermeidlich.“

"Assad Reformer Myth Finally Dead". Article (in ENGLISH) published in Institute for War & Peace Reporting on 18 January 2012 PDF
Now is decision time, Sayed Nasrallah
Article (in ENGLISH) about the policies of the Hizbollah in Lebanon before its 2006 war with Israel. The Daily Star newspaper, May 2006
Where are you taking us, Sayed Nasrallah?
Article (in ARABIC) about the policies of the Hizbollah in Lebanon before its 2006 war with Israel. The an-Nahar newspaper, May 2006
How Lebanon stumbled into the 21st Century
Paper (in ENGLISH) about the mistakes of the Lebanese government in managing the reconstruction of Lebanon after the 1975-1990 civil war, and the issuing ecological crisis. Presented at Villanova University in the US, October 1998
10 articles about Lebanon´s civil war
Articles (in ENGLISH and GERMAN) about the 1975-1990 Lebanese civil war and its consequences: Women protest against disapearances, UN troops in southern Lebanon, Christian militias split, interview with Fayruz, South Lebanon a hostage of the Middle East conflict, the 1989 Saudi-brockered peace agreement in Taef and Lebanon´s bumpy road to peace. Written between 1985 and 1992
Learning in Beirut under shelling
Article (in GERMAN) about how the German School Beirut was still functioning in a war situation. Uetersener Nachrichten, July 1981
8 articles about Islam and fundamentalism
Articles (in ENGLISH and GERMAN) about Islamic fundamentalism splitting Moslems, Turkish fundamentalists in Germany, Egypt´s Copts fearing fundamentalism, converts to Islam in Germany and fasting at Ramadan. Written between 1987 and 1992
Germany´s Middle East policy
Paper (in GERMAN) about the Middle East policy of Germany from the chancellors Konrad Adenauer till Helmut Kohl. Presented at a seminar organised by the Association for Political Education in Hamburg, August 1981
12 articles about Arab culture
Articles (in ENGLISH and GERMAN) about: Saudi cultural heritage festival, Living with noise in Cairo, Archeology in Bahrain and Egypt, the Sphinx threatened by pollution, Arab pop music, revival of Gulf Arab traditional architecture, belly dancing, a fairytale lady in Hamburg (Huda al-Hilali), Feluka sailing on the Nile, Egyptians and one Lebanese learning German, organic farming in Egypt. Published between 1987 and 1991
Kurds? What Kurds?
Article (in GERMAN) about Turkish denial of a Kurdish political problem in Turkey. Published in the Tageszeitung, October 1986


_ Yearly report of the Stichting Rule of Law Foundation, 2015.
_ Yearly report of the Sticting Rule of Law Foundation, 2013-2014.